Do you sometimes ask yourself “What happened to music?… Why does everything sound hipster these days?”

Parker Avenue’s latest EP “It Isn’t Dead”, is NEW ALTERNATIVE ROCK music that gives you that little bit more. A little more bite, a little more twist, a little more to sink your teeth into

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Parker AvenueWhat they’re saying about us:

Cam Findlay, The Music – From the moment taut violin strings mix with a deluge of crash cymbals, you know what Parker Avenue are aiming for with It Isn’t Dead. And man, do they do their musical duty. Parker Avenue are clear about their aversion of over-recycled, over-simplified rock. But rock they do well.

Cat W – “I can’t stop listening to this…. Love the story telling”.

Elaine R – “What an interesting sound – rock with violins and great vocals – very distinctive, very fresh sound… a few listens and you’re hooked”

Press Release
There’s something beautifully strange about Parker Avenue’s music. Taking familiar elements and rearranging them in a completely new and thought-provoking way, the Perth four-piece can take you to moments of ’80s anthem-rock bravado, or ’90s grunge simplicity, but in a most peculiar manner – with elongated, jazz-like melodies and unpredictable musical shifts at every turn. 
The band’s second EP, It Isn’t Dead, is just a powerhouse: the searing vocals and guitar of frontman Pete Ashton, the fat-as-f#%@ rhythm section of Salv Di Criscito and Manoli Vouyoucalos, and the perfectly-placed violin of Andie White – culminating in an enthralling musical experience that demands multiple listens.

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