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1. Imprudence
2. Big Mistake
3. What I Mean
4. It Isn’t Dead


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Press Release

There’s something beautifully strange about Parker Avenue’s music. Taking familiar elements and rearranging them in a completely new and thought-provoking way, the Perth four-piece c an take you to moments of ’80s anthem-rock bravado, or ’90s grunge simplicity, but in a most peculiar manner – with elongated, jazz-like melodies and unpredictable musical shifts at every turn. The band’s second EP, It Isn’t Dead, is just a powerhouse: the searing vocals and guitar of frontman Pete Ashton, the fat-as-f#%@ rhythm section of Salv Di Criscito and Manoli Vouyoucalos, and the perfectly-placed violin of Andie White – culminating in an enthralling musical experience that demands multiple listens. So click the order button below and get instant access to Parker Avenue’s latest release, “It Isn’t Dead”. Afterall, as they say, we tell a good story!



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